Why Do We Spend So Much Money on Fitness Promises?

As I try to gather my thoughts for this post, I realize that I may come off as hypocritical.  Considering my financial well-being is built on people who want to spend money on their fitness (or in my case, on their employee's fitness).  Regardless, I have some thoughts about the current trend - or maybe it's here to stay - of people spending the majority of their hard-earned paycheck on Wellness "promises".  

I call them "promises", because that's kind of what they are.  Some company or individual is promising the consumer that if they buy their $180 yoga pants, drink their $9 fresh-pressed juice, or take their $35 cycle class, their life and wellness will improve.  Just like in an intimate relationship, the consumer believes that promise and trusts the person selling it to them.  And just like in a relationship in which one partner has an alterior motive, promises are broken. 

Now, not all promises are broken.  Some people really do see results from the money they spend.  However, the truth is that we can achieve the same results, and maybe longer lasting results by investing our time in what has been proven over and over again to work:

move your body every day in a functional way, eat real food and drink plenty of water. 

I fully promote spending your hard-earned money on quality organic, locally-grown food over expensive workout classes.  By doing so, you'll be nourishing your body from the inside out; after all, you are what you eat.  Then invest the rest of our money on a basic gym membership - or buy a few pieces of equipment for a home gym, and focus on the 6 primal movements with each workout: squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist.  Get some cardio in, and you're golden :) 

Working Mom Guilt is Real

This morning, my 8-month old daughter reached both arms towards her wonderful nanny when she arrived as if to invite a hug.  She has never done that to me before.  I then gave her a kiss goodbye while her focus remained on the nanny.  Then I left for work. 

The rest of the day my heart was broken. 

I've been back at work for about 4 months and this was the hardest morning.  Harder than that first day back.  It was the first time I realized that my daughter could possibly love the nanny more than me, her own mother.  Now I know intellectually, that this is unlikely true.  I'm her mom.  I'm the source of her milk.  More than that, she enjoys being with me and giggles when we play.  But emotionally, I can't help but doubt the connection.  

I have found myself actually counting the number of awake hours she spends with me versus the nanny.  It's close, but I win.  

Being a working mom is not easy.  There are many days where I am so happy to be at work.  I am energized by the challenge and through talking with colleagues and clients.  And bonus: I have a job that actually encourages me to work out.

Then there are days like today.  

Every day will be different and I am sure this will never get easier.  I am currently giving a long and sincere air hug to all the working moms out there.