Overview of services

As someone who already sees a nutritionist, I was surprised at how impactful my sessions with Shannon could be. I got specific advice tailored to my postpartum stage and she helped reveal some hidden habits that were impeding my weight goals. I wish Shannon had been around when I had my first child as I’m sure I would’ve met my health goals much sooner.
— S. Ali


What you can expect from one-on-one coaching:

  •  Assessment of what you may or may not be doing in your current wellness routine
  • Customized goal-setting and planning for what you envision for your personal wellness
  • Accountability towards reaching your goals
  • Healthy Eating strategies that work with your new busy lifestyle
  • Specific exercise programming to get you back safely to working out
  • Exploration around the barriers that may be in the way of you meeting your goals

From the work I’ve done with many mamas, I've found that the best coaching experiences take a minimum of 3 months in order to see progress and breakthroughs.

During your three months, what type of support towards your wellness goals will you receive?

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions via audio or video call (we'll decide this together based on need and what works best with your busy schedule)
  • Accountability check-ins towards your wellness goals
  • Email support (I try my best to respond within 24 hours)
Shannon’s ability to be flexible with our coaching sessions allowed us to meet at 8:30 at night after I knew my daughter would be down or a quick check in the middle of the work day.

- Amanda M.

What can I expect from each coaching session?

Our first session is generally 60 minutes.  During that session, I’ll get to know who you are as a woman, as a mother and as a friend/partner.  We’ll talk about your current struggles and frustrations and what your vision is for yourself and your family.  Future sessions are 45 minutes and we’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly.  We’ll work on developing and refining your wellness goals together and create actionable steps that will help you track your progress.  You’ll create unique goals that we’ll work on over the course of the next three months.  Every client is different, but usually each goal will fall into one of three categories:

  • Mindset
  • Healthy Eating
  • Movement

Throughout the three months, you will be putting in work.  You will be provided with regular tips and strategies meant to help you develop healthy habits that will ultimately get you to your goal.  The best way to get the most out of this experience is to stay engaged and follow through with taking the necessary steps in order to feel like your best self. I truly hope to help you during this very special stage in your life and I look forward to meeting you!



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